6 Best Trusted Micro Jobs Sites for Working From Home

Micro Jobs Sites For Work from Home

Do you want to make money from online very quickly?

But you’ve no skills in a specific online task.

Don`t worry. I’m gonna to share an easy way and trusted micro jobs sites for working from home.

There have many trusted freelancing sites where you can work and make huge money.

But you need specific skills like software development, Web Design, and development, Graphics design, SEO etc .and bid on jobs.

On the other hands, in some micro jobs sites, you don’t need of those things.

So, It’s very easy for beginners who want to make money very quickly .

I’m giving steps-by-steps guideline here.

What's Micro Job ?

Basically, micro jobs are not a job. Because every worker does a job as an employee of any company or person.

But in sectors of mini job or micro jobs, You have to work as a contractor.

It’s totally independent task.Work providers give specific task on any micro jobs sites and contractors or workers do the task from that site.

There don’t need to communicate with employers or interviewing by others.So, it’s surely an easy and independent task for you.

What's The Type Of Tasks Have Available On Micro Jobs Sites?

Many kinds of small tasks are available in micro jobs sites. You do a small task and you get a small amount.

But You don’t need more time to complete a simple task, you can complete a task within a short time like 1- 3 minutes.

You are able to do a huge task on the platform every day, you can generate big amount.

The tasks are like creating accounts, downloading video, like and comment on videos, facebook like generation and comment on specific posts, reviews, surveys, application testing, research studies, content evaluation, content comparison, data tagging and other types of small tasks available on micro jobs platforms.

6 Best Trusted Micro Jobs Sites

I’ve researched out some trusted and good micro jobs sites where you can work with confidently and earn money.

#1. Rapidworkers

This is one of the best micro job sites. Here You’ll able to create an account within few seconds.

It’s 100 % trusted a site.You can complete task between 1-3 minutes and more jobs available for you.

Minimum Payout : Over $8.00 + free
Payment method : Paypal and Skrill

#2. MicroWorkers

This my other favorite and popular micro jobs site where you can do many sample task and get paid very quickly.

Here have job success rate, If you perform your task good, It’ll increase your success rate.

And if you are not capable to do task after accepting the task, Your Success Rate will go down. Please don’t wrong anything here.

Minimum payout : $9+free
Payment method : Paypal, Skrill, and Local Funds Transfer via Transpay

#3. Jobboy

Jobboy is a good micro jobs site like rapidworkers. Here you’ll get jobs from payment range $.05- $5.

But You’ll be able to do many tasks every day and grab more money.

Minimum Payout : $10
Payment method : Paypal or Payza

#4. ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a crowdsourcing platform where distributes task to its workers.

Here you’ll get tons of easy task like comment writing, web research, lead research, SEO text creation, translation service and other more tasks available on clickworker.

Minimum payout : $10
Payment method : Paypal or bank transfer

#5. Field Agent

This is another micro job site where you can work via mobile phones easily by downloading task apps.

You’ve to work here as an agent. Agents will download specific apps then complete the task within two hours.

From every task successfully completed, you’ll get $3-$12.

The task includes barcode scan, surveys, polls, products reviews, mystery shopping, business locations verification, brochure placement and other tasks.

Minimum payout : $2.50
Payment method : PayPal or Bank transfer

#6. Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a part of Amazon company.

Here you’ll get more micro tasks than Microworkers.

It’s one of the original micro jobs, Amazon’s MTurk lists HITs (human intelligence tasks) which workers choose.

Minimum Payout : $3
Payment method : Amazon gift card

How Can We Start?

You need an internet browsing device then take an internet connection.

Create accounts on those micro jobs sites. Now, you are ready to start your task and make some dollars every single day.


Micro jobs are not for professional online workers, it’s only for beginners.

You can start works on those sites when generating some money from those platforms, you should learn more things besides this from google and youtube.

If you learn anything from this my post, please share this with your friends.

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