15 Trusted Online Payment Wallet Alternatives To Paypal

Alternative To Paypal Online Wallet


When it comes to making an online payment, one name instantly comes to our mind –that is PayPal.

It has become so widespread and popular that we can’t imagine any alternative.

This popularity comes with some great responsibilities that gigantic companies like PayPal can make some enormous mistakes.

Sometimes it can really hurt its loyal customers badly.

Recently, many customers have been turning away from PayPal due to low-quality customer service and frequent freezing accounts without warning.

Even its service is not available in some countries.

So why customers should tolerate this sort of issues if there are better options out there as an online payment wallet?

Even there are some superior payment alternatives to PayPal.

If you are an online businessman or look for the best alternative for it, you don’t need to be worried.

Below I have evaluated the best 15 online payment gateways that make online money transfer easier.

Take your time to choose your best online payment method from the following options:

Best Payment Wallets list of Alternatives To Paypal

1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the best financial services providing company as digital payment service.

When thinking of having a virtual Bank Account, then Payoneer should be the best choice for any customer.

It helps you to transact all over the world in a comparatively easy and simple way.

As it supported B2B (Bank to Bank) transactions across the borders of the country to country.

It decreases your hustle of transactions in the wider global market.

Keeping aside the phenomenon of late payments by Payoneer, it is the simplest and easiest form of digital transaction supporting 200 countries all over the world.

2. 2Checkout

2Checkout facilitates your transactions anywhere anytime.

It accepts a wide range of currencies along with different languages enabling you to transact all over the world anywhere anytime.

It has user satisfaction and keeps your business safe and sound with an integrated safe and sound money sending process.

It receives and sends money safely after various security checks avoiding any security issues.

Their user-friendly and responsive website & application enables the user to send and receive money with great ease.

It’s a quick and easy transaction process has attracted many users to use it further doing their business transaction.

2Checkout can be your right choice to do your business safely and simply online.

3. Payza

Payza has made online transaction faster.

Now using it users can easily get their money in a wide range of currencies.

The faster money sending and receiving has made it popular among all the online transaction services.

It has a great user interface with three different accounts for the easy use of its customers.

It is greatly recommended by its users.

Leaving alone the small faults, Payza is a great online service for having money exchanged online.

4. Skrill

Skrill is a famous online transaction service.

It has good money transaction ways along with a friendly user interface.

This allows the clients to check their balance, upload and send money to their app.

For this easy and simple use, it is a better way to do online transaction.

Though it has some money withheld problems, avoiding this problem, it is a great online transaction service for sending money all over the world.

 Skrill is growing famous for its service in almost all countries.

5. Payeer

Payeer is your personal e-wallet.

With its convenient money receiving and sending options has made it popular in all online transaction services.

It supports all electronic payment services and cards.

It flourishes in 200+ countries all over the world.

It has a huge number of accounts of users serving the whole world in accordance with the Payeer merchant, Payeer transfer, and Payeer prepaid services.

Though a player may have some technical faults, it can be ignored as its advantages weigh higher.

Payeer is being more popular day by day.

6. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an online payment service throughout the world.

It is the first digital cryptocurrency ever invented. This service is a peer to peer service without any intermediary.

This allows faster money transfer along with a simpler way of receiving and sending money.

Bitcoin is also an investment along with popular money sending process.

It is accepted worldwide by all the merchants and users are satisfied using it as the oldest digital currency.

It is recommended by online merchants and investors.

You need just a bitcoin wallet for sending and receiving coins or money.

I personally use Coinbase as my bitcoin wallet. And I also use Bitbay for buying and selling coins.

7. OKpay

OKpay is a popular online transaction service.

It allows easier money; withdraw with a number of options such as bank transfer and other money transfer systems.

It has always worked against money laundering and other frauds facilitating its customer to keep their money safe.

It is always cheaper online money sending service throughout the world.

Online money transfer is easier and cost efficient with it.

Okpay supports a wide range of services and currencies along with mobile payment and other options.

8.  PerfectMoney

PerfectMoney can be easily used for transferring and receiving money in the whole world.

It has always cared about their customer’s security and safety regarding sending and receiving money.

It`s instant payment services enable online business owners to send and receive money more easily and cost-efficiently.

Perfectmoney allows the cheapest money transfer across the borders.

As it supports money exchange between members decreases the risk of fraud and theft, keeping the money simply safe and secured.

9. Paxum

Paxum is online payment and money receiving service online.

It is one of the cheapest online money transferring service across borders.

This makes users transfer money cost-efficiently and safely.

It allows 24/7 service allowing the users to receive and pay money both online and offline.

Paxum has proved to be a real partner of online business owners to transact their money throughout the world at a cheaper rate and with greater ease.

10. Advcash

Advcash is an online transaction system related to sending and receiving money throughout the whole world.

It provides both plastic and cards by which users can shop and receive money online.

It supports a wide range of currencies of the whole world and is prominent to use across the borders of different countries.

This service doesn’t require account verification is easy to send and receive money.

Advcash has made the transaction in the global market as easy as ever.

11. Neteller

Neteller is the most prominent online transaction service.

This is the easiest and simplest online transaction service available in the whole world.

It is safe and secured to send receive money throughout the world.

It is trusted by the whole world for its efficiency and accuracy in transacting money all over the global market.

This works even where debit and credit card doesn’t work.

It is one of the best online transaction services so far.

Neteller doesn’t take a break and serve you 24/7 and I personally think that it is the best way alternatives to PayPal.

12. Dwolla

Dwolla is the online payment and money receives service.

It is safe and sound for transferring money in any need.

Transferring money with Dwolla is now easier than ever.

This is the perfect mode of money transfer money in the market.

It has a simple user interface that really helps the user to use Dwolla.

Dwolla works with bank transfers and other money transfer services online.

Now you can be received payments directly and money can be paid with ease with the help of Dwolla.

13. Google Wallet

The free money sender or receiver is here in service. Google Wallet allows the perfect use of your money by not costing single money in sending or receiving money.

This allows receiving or transferring using a desktop or mobile quite easily.

The user can also withdraw money from the ATM using the card provided by Google Wallet.

It is one of the leading money transfer services online.

Google Wallet has quite easy steps and compatible with many countries in the world.

14. Propay

Propay is a worldwide online payment service.

Propay will satisfy every small need of each and every business, whether small or big it has the perfect solution for each of them.

Users will never get offended by the user interface; it has an easy process of money transfer by card or via text and emails.

This has made digital marketing more easy and simple with easier and faster online money transferring service.

The user can use Propay on the go and conveniently anywhere.

15. Wepay

Wepay is a virtual payment service online.

The users can quite easily get served by the Wepay with its convenient money transferring services.

It promises the safety of your money in sending or receiving it.

All types of business take service of it. This is a great online service for paying and receiving money.

It has won many awards regarding its exclusive service all around.

Wepay has the instant pay off the money and has great efficiency in paying and receiving money with frictionless money sending.


I hope you found the above contents informative which will help you to choose a reliable payment gateway alternatives to PayPal.

Personally, I do use my Payoneer card all the time and love it.

If PayPal is not available in your country then you would require online payment transferring & funding service which Payoneer has become into existence for.

Please share this content with your friends so that they can choose the right online payment wallet for their online transaction.


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